Lower Back Pain

Lower Back Pain Problems

Lower back pain is a very common complaint from patients visiting our Johannesburg Physio practise.

The good news is that most lower back pain injuries can be successfully treated with just a few physiotherapy sessions. However, there are a small number of more serious cases which deteriorate and progress to develop chronic back pain – these require extended therapy.

Causes of Lower Back Pain

Most orthopaedic therapists concur that the cause of back pain is predominantly from a number of issuesJohannesburg-Physio-Lower-Back-Pain that have built up over time rather than something that you suddenly do. You may think that that the simple act of bending down to pick up that heavy box is the cause of the pain but it's actually got more to do with your family history, your lack of fitness and your weight.  

These are the most common causes of back problems:

  • Poor posture when you are sitting or standing
  • Staying in the same position for longer than 20 minutes at a time
  • Repetitive movements
  • Lifting heavy objects without bending your knees
  • Obesity especially carrying excess weight in your middle
  • Excessive stress results in muscle tension and can produce back pain

Other reasons for lower back pain incorporate inflammatory arthritis and problems caused by osteoporosis. In some instances, the pain may come from an injury in another part of your body. This is called "referred pain".

Common Injuries

There are a number of common injuries of the lower back that can result in considerable discomfort.
These are:

  • Bulging disc – one of the spongy cartilage pads in between the vertebra gets damaged and bulges. This creates pressure on the nerves.
  • Ligament or joint sprain – bending over to lift a box or picking up a baby may cause a sprain or spasm. Normally only felt on one side.
  • Sciatica – the sciatic nerve may become "irritated" due to muscle spasm or other factors and causes pain in the back and leg as well.
  • Poor Posture – pain because the muscles of the abdomen and back are weak which results in poor posture when standing or sitting.
  • Spinal deterioration – here the vertebrae and discs degenerate over time.

Assessment of Lower Back Pain

Our physiotherapists will conduct a thorough analysis and diagnosis of your history including any injuries sustained to pinpoint the nature and cause of your lower back pain. You may have to have x-rays or a CAT scan as well.

Lower Back Pain Treatment

The treatment for lower back pain concentrates on joint mobilisations, massage, stretches, and exercises to reduce muscle tension and increasing muscle strength. This therapy improves the range of movement and alleviates pain. It also frees up any pressure on the nerves in the area.

Our physios will also prescribe a set of exercises that you can do at home to steadily strengthen your core muscles.

See us today for your extensive lower back assessment and get pain free now! 

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